Early Sunsets and the Crisp Air of Winter

Early Sunsets and the Crisp Air of Winter brings family and friends indoors to gather around the table. Moving further into the coldness of winter is a sure sign that the holidays and company, are coming. Your first step in preparation may be to ensure there is a bed for all the overnight guests, but don’t forget that when family and friends come together, they eat together. Having the proper furniture is essential.

Large meals, cozy lunches and simple breakfasts all find their way to the family table. Though it’s call the dining room table, the truth is it’s a surface that has to be flexible enough to accommodate daily snacking, family meals, arts and crafts, office work, meetings and more.

Ultimately, a dining room suite needs to fit your everyday lifestyle as well as allow for the less-frequent special holiday get-togethers. With a wide range of suppliers to choose from, you’ll find numerous styles of dining room furniture at the RK Furniture Gallery showroom. Plus, because whatever you choose will be custom ordered for you and your home, elements like stain colour, fabrics and other finishes can be selected to ensure the perfect fit.

There are times when we don’t know quite what we want or what we need and this is where one of the RK Furniture design team can help. During a free in-store consultation one of the design team members will talk with you about your styles preferences and lifestyle, narrowing down the multitude of choices to the perfect match for you and your home.

Visions of family and friends surrounding your new table are easier to see when you already have the perfect table. The upcoming holiday season is the ideal time to incorporate new dining furniture into your home and create wonderful, warm memories. Our design team will make sure you don’t have to compromise day-to-day function for the ability to host full-scale family celebrations. You can have it all with the right dining room suite. 

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Sonica Kandola

Sonica shares her passion for home decor and design inspiration as she believes you can create a home you love! Staying true to her passion, she offers FREE in-store design consultations at RK Furniture Gallery.