Can Dogs and Leather Furniture Mix?

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If you find Fido lounging on your sofa when you arrive home, it could be a dog power thing or it could just be that he finds the sofa as comfortable as you do. Once you have decided to invest in your new leather furniture set from RK Furniture Gallery it may be a good option to invest in a nice new doggy bed at the same time. There are ways to help manage your dog’s urges and keep your investment looking brand new.

Step 1: Consult with an RK Furniture Sales Rep who can offer tools on design, installation and free home delivery.

Step 2: Order your new Palliser Sofa Set from RK Furniture Gallery.

Step 3: Bring your dog in to smell the new furniture but purchase new chew toys at the same time to distract from your couch. It is a nice way to keep him interested in something more exciting.

Step 4: Keep up with your pet grooming, whether it is baths or making sure their nails are trim, as it will help if your dog has a habit of jumping up on the couch.

Palliser Leather Collection

Palliser Leather Collection

Step 5: Use a command when not allowing your pup on the sofa. Always put your hand above their sight and sharply say ‘NO.’ In the beginning, reward them with a treat until they get the hang of it.

Step 6: When you are training your dog to relax in their new doggy bed make the sofa inaccessible until they are used to it. Put boxes or uncomfortable mats on it when you are not home.

If your Fido loves to cuddle and you are okay with losing the battle of keeping them off the furniture, follow these tips to help you prevent any damage:

  • Choose a dark coloured leather as opposed to light -- can be forgiving in the long run.
  • Try not to snack on the sofa as this will entice the pup to seek out the smell of those crumbs left behind.
  • Purchase thicker throws or pet specific furniture and cover the sofa when you are out of the home for an extra layer of protection.
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