Caring for Furniture with Beeswax

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You have just purchased your custom dream furniture set by LH Imports and are looking to protect your investments and keep the finish long lasting. One of our recommendations is to use beeswax. Its use has dwindled away in recent years due to cost and other factors but is making a strong comeback for good reason - it is a positive environmental choice, does not leave fingerprints behind, does not cause a buildup and it is not limited to wood. Beeswax can be used on marble, leather and painted surfaces as well.

Our society is becoming more environmentally conscious and most of us are opting for a more natural product that does not contain toxins.  Beeswax really nourishes your wood pieces and protects them from harm.  It penetrates the grain and creates a waterproof barrier to give it a durable finish.  It is the way to go to protect your new furniture investment.


Beeswax is important for your furniture because it nourishes the wood and protects it from harm. Beeswax penetrates the grain of the wood to seal it, it creates a waterproof barrier and give it a long lasting a durable finish.

When maintaining your furniture, you are not only breathing in the products you use but coming into contact with it on your skin.  Choosing a more natural and environmentally sound product like bees wax is a solid choice.  Be aware that some products that list beeswax also include toxic ingredients so be a savvy shopper and check the label.

Here is a handy recipe to create your own at home beeswax polish-always test on a small part of unseen furniture before you continue on the whole piece.


Homemade Beeswax Recipe

  • 2oz of Beeswax
  • 7oz of Coconut Oil
  • a few drops of Lavender essential oils
  • Glass Jar
  • Soft Cloth


In a small pot melt beeswax over low/medium heat and add in coconut oil, keep heat low as beeswax is flammable. Once mixed together take off heat and add your lavender essential oil. Pour into your glass container and let cool and harden. Using a soft cloth scoop out a small amount and rub on your furniture for a lustrous polish. Your jar should have a shelf life of up to two years when covered and stored in a cool dry place.

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