How to Choose an Area Rug

Have you picked out your Palliser furniture and have your feng shui flowing but still are left unsatisfied with the look of the room? An area rug can really add that last splash of colour or texture to the room. It can help balance your home by adding that touch of coziness. 

You can either choose a colour that is complementary to the furniture or go for the texture to play with your eye. If you choose a bold pattern or colour for your centrepiece, avoid putting the legs on the furniture on top of the rug. Allow to rug to be part of the design intention.

Standard rugs are intended for living spaces 5' x 8', these types are the ones you will want to purchase if you are going to go bold with your design. Choosing a larger sized rug, such as 8' x 11' -- you will want to stick with a complementary style or texture so you can place the furniture on top of the rug.

To give a visual anchor around a sleeping area, the rug should be wider than the frame of the bed. Also if your floor is not heated there is no better way to keep your feet warm when you first step out of bed! For a single and double sized bed, an appropriate size typically is 5' x 8'. Larger beds will require a larger size to accommodate the bed.

If you are just lost when it comes to how to design your room and need to help from a professional eye? Stop into RK Furniture or book your free in-store consultations and can help take what is in your head to in your home.