Design your Home in Spring Hues

Verve Collection  available as: Sofa, Chair and a Half

Verve Collection available as: Sofa, Chair and a Half

Spring is the perfect time of year to to draw inspiration for a home re-design. Go for a stroll in nature and start taking some pictures of colours you find eye-catching. Once you have a nice base of colour inspiration, head to a paint store to find paint chips that are similar but resist the urge to purchase the paint as it will be the least expensive and easier to match afterwards.

Follow these steps:

1. Cabinetry: Your plans may include to replace your cabinetry or to paint or stain cabinets as a refresh. This is the best place to start because you will either want to work the furniture in with the current or updated cabinetry. This will be something that is constantly the same so it is a great place to start and make yourself happy before moving to then next step. 

2. Choose your Custom Furniture: Once you have a starting point of the colours you love; stop into RK Furniture Gallery for your Free In-store Consultation to start designing the space of your dreams. Our experts can help you develop your plan and aid you with colour palettes and inspiration boards if you are feeling stuck. You may be wandering through store after store without finding the piece you are looking for or are constrained by the size that you are looking for -- custom furniture can be the solution. Designing your furniture adds a reflection of your style, the colour palette you are looking for and offers durable long lasting furniture.

Dolce Collection  available as: Sofa, Chair and a Half

Dolce Collection available as: Sofa, Chair and a Half

3. Carpet & Flooring: You have a great base from the last two steps now you will want to consider:

  • consider the room size
  • let the sun in and take notice for a full day to get a better idea of what you want
  • imagine your new custom furniture in the room to help develop your vision further

4. Fabric & Textiles: Using playful textiles and fabrics is a great way to be able to keep on trend while keeping on a budget. There are a few this to keep in mind:

  • texture
  • colour
  • patterns & prints

5. Colour Scheme: A mix of colour values allows you to have fun but keeps the palette from being overwhelming. Choose your most dominant colour, keep in mind lighting and how colour affects your mood. Stick to three colours and picture what you are trying to portray with your colours.

The experience itself will be the differentiation for you. With the RK Design team waiting to help you build your dream home, what is stopping you? Let's create a home you can love, get a FREE Design Consultation by clicking below.