5 Sleep Better Tips

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With our busy schedules we try to cram so much in a day and then wonder why we wake up exhausted every morning. We know we need more to sleep to recharge our batteries, but sometimes it just not that easy to wind things down.  Here are 5 tips we find helpful to get us on the right path to better sleep. 

1. Fresh Linens

Invest in new linen for your fresh start in 2016. It can lead to you getting a better night of rest with the fresh scent will drift you off.

2. Make your bed everyday

Making your bed each day will set your mind at ease. What is better than crawling into a hotel bed? Treat yourself to that every night.

3. Smell your way to a relaxed state

Lavender is a great tool to help set your mind at ease when you are trying to relax. You could use essential oil candles, a pillow spray or a few drops of essential oil on your mattress.

4. Adjust your food and beverage intake at night

If you like to have dinner later try to avoid fatty or greasy foods. It is hard on your digestion and keeps your metabolism working through the night. Ditch any sugar or caffeinated drinks before bed as well.

5. Turn off your technology

Keep your dark and keep all technology off. Let your mind settle without any distractions.

These helpful tips are brought to you by the RK Design Team. If you are looking to refresh your bedroom suite and don't know where to start, email us your "before" picture and we will set-up a FREE in-store design consultation to create the sleep oasis you have always dreamed of! - Sonica