Top 3 Reasons Custom Furniture is for You!

2016 is a great opportunity for you to make the most of creating a home you love. If our home is where we spend most of our lives don't you want to design a dream one? The way you decorate and add your essence to your home can really benefit your happiness. Custom furniture allows you embrace your personal style and give you a piece to hold on to. If you are unsure about interior design stop into RK Furniture for your FREE in-store consultation to get the ball rolling on your dream home.

Personal Style 

Your home is where you entertain and where you come to relax, what do you see when you look around? If what you have right now is a room full of craigslist misfits and you are wanting a bit more cohesion custom furniture is a great option for you! You get the be the person in charge of selecting the end result of what you really desire. What specific designs you need for a table, chairs, fabric and much more to personalize your experience.  Our in-house design team will recommend colours, fabrics, styles, discuss effective use of space and how you can incorporate the pieces you already have. (and who doesn't love that!) 

Timeless Style and Quality

Our custom pieces are manufactured using top-of-the line materials and designed by experienced craftsmen. It's always good idea to pick timeless and functional pieces when investing in your furniture. This will avoid the chance that something may go out of style, try to choose funky and cheaper pieces to add a bit of trend. When you order with RK Furniture you can choose the piece so that it flows nicely with your floors and wall colour already.

Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly

Custom furniture is usually hand-made and eco-friendly materials. When buying a custom piece of furniture you are paying more at first but it lasts a lifetime. Some people run away at the idea of custom because they think it is too expensive when you are really get the most for your dollar.

The experience itself will be the differentiator for you. With the RK Design team waiting to help you build your dream home, what is stopping you? Let's create a home you can love!

RK Furniture

Sonica Kandola

Sonica shares her passion for home decor and design inspiration as she believes you can create a home you love! Staying true to her passion, she offers FREE in-store design consultations at RK Furniture Gallery.