Wine Tasting Party Ideas


Have a party coming up and want to impress your guests?  We thought we would share some tips for throwing an amazing Wine Tasting Party. If you aren’t a Sommelier, the idea of hosting a wine tasting party might be a little daunting. However, we're hoping if you follow some of these tips, you can worry less about hosting and focus more on enjoying some great wines!




Make it Simple

Parties can be a lot of work to host, we're big on making it simple. Instead of setting up multiple stations for food & wine, gather it all together on one epic antipasto board.

Visit us at RK Furniture and pick-up some wood planks to help serve on an amazing looking dish. Set out your wines. Place cheese pairings by each wine. Then scatter an assortment of cheeses, nuts, fruits, and breads across the board.

Kitchen Aid Wine Fridge

Kitchen Aid Wine Fridge

Finally, decorate the board with greenery and herbs. For bonus points, you can label the cheeses and place a description of each wine on the board.

Don’t go Overboard

With a wine tasting party, it’s easy to go overboard choosing wines. Stick with six wines: three white wines and three red wines. This will keep it simple and it won’t overload guests with too much information.

Pair the Wines

To really impress your guests, pair the wines with cheeses. You can follow these simple matches:

  • Pinot Noir + Gouda

  • Pinot Grigio + Gouda

  • Chardonnay + Brie

  • Merlot + Brie

  • Champagne + Colby

  • Cabernet Sauvignon + Blue Cheese

Notice there are duplicate cheeses. Again, I’m all about simplicity when it comes to hosting.

Small Bites

Since it’s a wine tasting party, I suggest making the wine the centre of attention. On that note, serve small bites, like crackers and fruit, instead of a full meal.

Full Size Glasses

Flights can be cute, but they can be impractical. If guests find a favourite wine, they often want to stop tasting.  I suggest serving the wine tastings in full-size glasses. You could also use both flights and full glasses if you want to. 

Credit: Kitchen Aid Blog

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