Easy Brunch Entertaining


Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or hosting a get-together "just because", a great type of gathering to try out is a brunch. It is something special and a great way to be able to enjoy a beautiful day with your family and friends.





Deluxe Toast Station

One of my favourite ways to entertain, especially as the weather is warming up, is to offer a Deluxe Toast Station. To create an epic toast spread, start with a fabulous toaster from our kitchen appliances. 

Provide your guests with a selection of both bread and bagels for them to choose from. To go with the breads and bagels, I like to set out a variety of spreads like European butter, cream cheese, nut butter, and a few different jam flavours.

When it comes to toast toppings, the sky is the limit: strawberries, kiwis, blood oranges, avocado, and hard boiled eggs are some of my favorites. Pre-slice all of the ingredients and arrange them with small forks for easy choosing. If you are looking for more main course toppings, try setting out sliced ham, turkey, and smoked salmon to really enhance the spread.


Brunch is not complete without some incredible coffee. Have a coffee pot ready-to-brew when your guests arrive. At RK Furniture we believe an amazing cup of coffee should be accessible from your home!

Round It Out

With the toast, coffee, and tea settled, your brunch menu only needs a few more items to be complete. A variety of pastries and muffins can be baked the night before or even picked up from your favourite bakery to add a bit of sweetness to the menu. Serve some fresh orange juice in a lovely carafe with some cute juice glasses and the brunch menu is complete!

Next time you’re planning a get together, remember these easy, breezy brunch entertaining tips that take the help from the fabulous line of Kitchen Appliances at RK Furniture.

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