Add flair your home with Accessories

Are you looking to inject some life into your home but are not willing to go through the drama of a full home renovation? A great way to achieve this is to add some fresh accessories to add that something you are missing from the room. Our trained professionals can help you to begin accessorizing like a professional without feeling overwhelmed. 


1. Style: Let you personal style shine through, you will love your home that much more. What are your hobbies and what makes you smile?

2. Colour: Try to play with eye catching colours. For example if you home is a crisp white inject an electric blue or red to really allow the accessory stand out.

3. Numbers: Stick to a few larger items rather than a lot of smaller items, let's be honest dusting is hard enough to keep up with.

4. Theme: You don't have to be super specific but the room will flow and make sense if you stay in the same theme. For example nautical or romantic.


Types of Accessories

1. Bedding: If the average amount of years you spend sleeping being 26 don't you want to crawl into your dream? You can coordinate your accessories with your bedding to really pull your bedroom look together.

2. Rugs: Rugs can bring any room together, whether through the style or to focus your eye. They can add colour, warm up a room and can balance furniture. 

3. Art & Frames: Mix sizes of frames and mirrors to reflect something beautiful and open up the room.

4. Lamps: Lamps are a great way to add warmth and space to any room. There can also add a balance and bring focus on the focal point of your room.

If you are just lost when it comes to how to design your room and need to help from a professional eye? Stop into RK Furniture or click below to book your Free In-Store consultation.