Customize your Space

Traditional Dining

Purchasing custom furniture is a wonderful way to get exactly what you want, but sometimes, bringing it all together can feel overwhelming. How do you create the look you’re after with all the options in fabric and style?

Start with what you want to be the focus of your newly-finished room.

When you close your eyes and imagine your dream space, what is the most prominent element? Is it colour? A piece of furniture? Perhaps a special rug or piece of wall art? Find that element first. Remember it is easy to find a paint colour to match or coordinate with your fabric selections, but not nearly as easy to work in reverse; so, even when a bold wall colour is what you see with your mind’s eye, find the fabrics that will complement that colour as your starting point.

Bedroom Suite

Rooms can be monochromatic, meaning just one colour, but more often they consist of a complementary colour palette – a group of colours that work together. Does your new sofa stand out in the room because it is black and the rest of the room is light neutral tones? Or do you see a sofa that matches drapes in a shade or two darker than the walls?

Check out fabric options at a local custom furniture supplier like RK Furniture Gallery. Take along that special rug or piece of art, or grab the crayon or notebook that inspired the vision of colour. Find fabrics that match or compliment your colours – but don’t stop with the first one – look for several choices from two or three suppliers the furniture store carries.

Once fabric is chosen, consider your needs. Do you want an oversized sofa? Two love seats for conversation? A sofa and a couple of chairs? Look for the supplier who offers what fits best in your room and meets your vision for seating. You’ll likely have a few styles to choose from with each supplier, but remember not all styles are available in all fabrics, so working with an in-store stylist will help you determine what’s right for your tastes.

Once the furniture is ordered, ask your RK Design Consultant for a fabric sample to allow you to shop for paint and other elements. You’ll be able to find the perfect complimentary drapes, pillows and accessories when the colours you’re working with are in-hand.

Custom furniture can be incorporated into any room, simply close your eyes and see what you want; then ask for help from our RK Design Team to get to the desired end result. Sonica