Holiday Entertaining

Entertaining for the Holidays!

At some point in time, most of us will want (or need) to entertain a few guests. Before welcoming them into your home you flip over the cushions on the couch to hide the stains, fluff up the pillows and grab a couple of hard-backed chairs to fill out the space. It will do, but secretly (or not so secretly) you long for a living room designed both for living as well as for entertaining.

From hosting your book club or a casual wine tasting to having the family for Christmas or partying it up with a New Year's bash, RK Furniture Gallery has the pieces you need to fit all aspects of your life!

Holiday Entertaining

Part of finding the right piece comes from understanding the types of furniture that work for you and your home. Sometimes it may seems a single couch is all you need because you’re a small family – and if you don’t entertain, this may work perfectly. However, if you do entertain and want a more cohesive space (instead of bringing chairs in from the dining room) you’ll need flexible furniture with multiple points of seating.

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Couches with chaises on the end allow for “perching” points for multiple people, while a soft, padded ottoman gives you a place to put your feet up when you’re alone but also doubles as a comfortable seat for your guests. Don’t forget about accent chairs. These can sit in the corner and create a separate seating area or can be moved inward to increase group seating.

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If you’re stumped and don’t know where to start with setting up your new living room, talk to one of our in-store design consultants who can lend a hand and help understand what kind of furniture will fit your needs whether it’s quiet family time or crazy party time.

From our family to yours, we wish you a joyous Season filled with laughter, cherished moments, and many memories.

Happy Holidays!

xo Sonica