A Full Range of Comfort from La-Z-Boy

There is nothing wrong with nostalgia – especially around the holidays. We like to recall times from the past when we were comfortable and surrounded by love. For many of us, that included sitting in Dad’s or Grandpa’s La-Z-Boy chair.
You’ve seen the ads on TV where Brooke Shields says everyone loved the La-Z-Boy from the past and her family loves sitting on the new La-Z-Boy Urban Attitudes collection. This observation isn’t far from the truth. La-Z-Boy has found a way to move from that recliner comfort of Dad’s chair into equally comfortable, but traditional and contemporary looks.

A home should be filled with furniture that inspires comfort. No one wants to spend time watching TV, sharing a laugh or reading a book in a hard chair or a too-soft couch that hurts your back! With La-Z-Boy’s diverse collection, you’ll find exactly what you need to create a warm, inviting space without breaking the bank.

Classic elements such as reclining easy chairs and large sofas make up the more traditional aspect of the collection. Here you’ll find pieces reminiscent of the past but with modern fabrics and the ability to stand the test of time. Then there’s the Urban Attitudes collection which features bolder colours and fabrics, a few more “edges” to the range of furniture and a strong contemporary feel without sacrificing the comfort.

It’s about finding the elements that fit your style and needs. A small family with frequent overnight guests may want a pull-out couch in the den. Your media room could be perfect for contemporary reclining chairs. The in-store design consultants at RK Furniture Gallery can help you choose the right furniture that lasts.