Palliser Leather Collection 101

When you come home after a long day, do you have a Rustic Retreat that you can relax in? When considering decorating your man cave you want to think about, what are your need exactly? Leather is a great rustic and functional option when thinking of bringing that retreat to your home.

The Palliser Leather Collection is the choice you make when you welcome timeless, luxurious pieces into the heart of your home.

The rich history of each hide is an unsheltered one that results in natural scars, marks and imperfections. With leather you get so much more than just a cover for your furniture, you get a story that is as distinct as a fingerprint. This is one of the traits that makes owning leather so special.

When leather is dyed, it captures the colour based on the hide’s individual cell structure. Each area of the hide will absorb dye in varying amounts making it darker or lighter than other areas. When the cushions on a leather sofa are slightly different shades than the back or arms, it simply means that the pieces were cut from a different area of the hide.

No man-made material can compare with the beauty of genuine leather. The inherent advantages of leather, as well as the range of grades and colours available, make leather furniture suitable for every lifestyle.

Unique, natural surface markings ensure every leather sofa is as interesting as it is individual. They’re also found only on genuine leather…and top quality genuine leather at that.

Sonica Kandola

Sonica shares her passion for home decor and design inspiration as she believes you can create a home you love! Staying true to her passion, she offers FREE in-store design consultations at RK Furniture Gallery.