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Accent chair bright colour

Colour, yes or no?  We say YES!  If you walked into a room and everyone was dressed in black and white how inspired would you feel?  Think of your home the same way.  Using all neutral and no colour is boring and who wants to be boring right?  Adding colour does not mean that you paint every wall in your home in an accent colour and use a bold floral pattern on your sofa.  It should be done tastefully and with care.  First, ask yourself what your favourite colour is.  If it’s your favourite then it is a colour that makes you feel happy.  So use it. 

nesting tables gold metallic

We suggest using neutrals for your large pieces of furniture and then adding touches of colour throughout.  For example, if you are placing a large sectional in your living room choose a neutral colour that complements your floors and walls, maybe it’s as a soft ivory.  To accent with colour add some toss pillows in your favourite colour and choose an area carpet that has colour and pattern in it to make a statement.  Let’s not leave out the accessories like vases, candleholders and wall art.  Leaving these out is like putting on a fancy dress and forgetting the earrings and necklace.  Use these pieces to add colour and also use metallics like gold and silver.  Yes, I said it, GOLD!  It’s back and done right it’s beautiful and will add a touch of class and glam to any room.   Don’t forget, matching is a thing of the very distant past.  We now like to choose colours and metals that harmonize and complement one another. So don’t be afraid to mix your metallics in both colour and finish.

element of texture to home decor

Last, we need to touch on texture.  It is often forgotten and is key to bringing warmth to your living space.  If you have opted for leather furniture, wood floors and smooth stone counters in your kitchen then you have a lot of smooth surfaces.  It’s nice to break that up by adding some texture.  This can be done by using natural woods on your dining or coffee table.  Real quality solid woods have beautiful texture and depth that is visible in the grain.  Adding a knit or faux fur throw and pillows to your furniture will also bring in natural elements of texture to pull it all together.

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