Select the right ergonomic chair for your home or office.

Designing and manufacturing for over 70 years, Fjords owners Otto, Ingvar, and Mindor Hjellegjerde have brought their innovative furniture products from Norway to the global market. What began as a family business in the cellar of their home, Fjords is now one of the biggest furnishing groups in Norway with expansions in over 4 continents. Fjords combines modern technology with traditional craftsmanship in all of their furniture, delivering whole concepts and consistent styles that are a stable to any well furnished home.

Fjords sofas, recliners, and chairs are all inspired by Norwegian landscapes and traditions. From vast oceans, majestic mountains, to it’s beautiful sky, Fjords gathers its ideas from the natural beauty of Norway and integrates it into their modern, Scandinavian influenced furniture.

Armed with knowledge about the human body’s need for rest and movement, Fjords builds based on functionality and ergonomics. Their recliners have continuous back recline that also provide comprehensive support down to your legs. Their furniture also has an integrated Active Release System that provides customized support for your unique body type. Long experience with fabric and materials also means Fjords has learned to optimize durability and comfort in textiles such as leather and Dacron fibre.

The main key to Fjords philosophy, is to find the combination between tradition and innovation, and to create a reliable and trustworthy product for years to come.

FJORDS by Hjellegjerde