Natuzzi Editions Collection

The finest of Italian craftsmanship, Natuzzi offers fine leather and fabric upholstered sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals, sleepers, and ottomans to those who demand quality and style. Blending meticulous design with Italian flair, Natuzzi offers styles for every taste. The driving force behind Natuzzi is simple: never say no to the client. Leather expresses Natuzzi artisan’s mastery, while fabric in vibrant tons emphasize the richness of the upholsteries and sinuosity. Choose a classic leather piece for a timeless look, or a colourful fabric for a more youthful, contemporary mood.

Each Natuzzi furniture follows what they call the Harmony Chain, a series of carefully crafted steps that help produce a consistent, flawless couch, sofa, or bed. First, Natuzzi studies international trends in fashion, art, and emerging lifestyles. Then, at one of Natuzzi’s Italian factories, skilled artisan craftsmen product leading-edge technologies. Shaping of polyurethanes, cutting and sewing fabric are done to create a prototype, an essential step in making the perfect piece of furniture. An experimental workshop is then used as a testing sight for each sectional, loveseat, and chair for durability. The final step is when designers, colourists, and interior decorators combine the use of material with colours and patterns to create a unique Natuzzi product. When all is said and done, the European styled furniture is shipped to carefully selected locations like RK Furniture Gallery to become part of our gorgeous and luxury furniture collection offered to you.

Browse through our online selection and pick the furniture that speaks to you, then come into our gallery concept store and find out why Natuzzi is one of the best in buying a piece of comfortable, high-end, quality furniture.